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One of the treats in a threads like this is to document the development of a group of fry through the years. In this case, one fish in particular "Butkas" (some may remember that old post). Butkas is/was a fiesty alpha in the making. I had my eye on him early and kept him for a grow out group.

I first got this idea with my first group of C. gibberosa Kapampa fry

He came from my very first group of fry a few years ago

Not long after this is when he first started to make an impression

This is when I first began to pick him out. He was the boss of this rock and he posed for a lot of pictures trying to intimidate the other calvus who liked his rock.

A little bit larger - he had an overdose of the gold lace on his fins

Here he is, he ended up taking some battle damage on his dorsal fin

The gold lace ended up being his defining characteristic

Here's his most recent pic. he is closing in on four inches now:

Here's his brother that I kept from the same group too (they both are in different tanks at this time)

Hope you enjoyed the trip down memory lane....

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