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    Default butterkoferi

    just picked up 2 of em.
    the are about 2 1/2in each
    both look great, colors are amazing, and seem to be doing well with my larger africans.

    anyone know of anything specific i should know about these fish?

    or how to sex them?

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    Big,mean, territorial, grow fast, aggressive, robust , herbivores
    Max size - 18" min.tank size - 125gal
    Male& female look the same/ venting is a sure fire way to sex.
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    Also, they are a West African Cichlid, not New World. A lot of people keep them with Americans, but they really are too aggressive.
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    Main thing you ned to know is that when a butti matures it won't tolerate any other fish in the same tank. Minimum tank size of 125 gallons is for 1, if you want to spawn them an eggcrate divider would be the best bet.

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    Raised these fish for a number of years. Very rewarding and breed like rabbits. As mentioned above they are extremely aggressive and one of the bigger West African Cichlids. Notorious diggers and will eat anything. It don't matter. Actually could be considered an Omnivore more than herbivore and should have both meaty and veggie diet. I have had non-breeding males reach 16 inches within 2 years and had females reach 10 inches. Both are highly aggressive and as mentioned are not dimorphic. They do acclimate to water that is 8 in PH and fairly hard but prefer water that is neutral or slightly acidic to do well. They do form monogamous bonds if you can get several juvies together and let them work it out but this does not always work especially in tank raised strains, so a divider as mentioned may be needed, but I might add they are very good parents. 2 males will kill each other trying to take over a tank so do not mix them no matter what. You will like these fish and they will give you endless hours of joy, remember however, clean water is a must and when they get bigger they will draw blood from your arm or hands when cleaning the tank and yes their bites can and do hurt. Here is a couple of vids of a few of mine. This will hopefully give you an idea of the size they can reach. Good luck and keep us updated on things.


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