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    Ok. So I've had a tank with a few species in it since August. Ocellatus Gold, Compressiceps, Calvus, Julidochromis Transcriptus, n. pulcher "daffodil" and callochromis pluerospilis. I had to give the daffodil away because it was playing "whack-a-mole" with the ocies, and then did the same with one of the 2 julies that were in there.
    Setting the stage: I had 5 ocies that 2 of looked like males (larger and with gold tipped fins) and 3 females (smaller with white tipped fins). The callo decided to "maintain" the sand around the shells the 2 males claimed and a few days ago it was floating belly-up in the tank. Then, yesterday, I noticed that the second largest ocie (a male I think), vanished. I've been checking the tank every once in a while, even standing at the door to the room where they can't see me, but I still only count 4 ocies. Is it possible that a male has disappeared into a shell to guard eggs, or got trapped in a shell (the shells are assorted, not sure what kind)?
    I could believe it if the ocies killed the callo to protect their territories, but for one of the ocies to vanish is really concerning me. If you have experience, please let me know if it's possible that I mis-sexed the ocies or if I should get out some shells and start search and rescue.
    Thanks much.

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    Mile hey.......I don't have oscellatus but I have Meleagris which are pretty darn similar. I am surprised that you have these guys in a community tank to be honestl they are extremely high strung to put it mildly. May I please ask what size tank you have these 5fish in? I highly doubt that a fish is stuck in a shell, but it's not unheard of, more than likely he/she has met his/her doom by the hands of one of the other fish possibly. Do you have other shellies in this community tank? No idea what to tell you on this one, fish do seem to dissappear in a tang community tank, I always kiddingly say they went off to the dark side. Update plz however it works out for you. Good Luck. JUlia

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    Yeah!!!!! Just took 3 shells i knew he would be in one of them and dunked them a couple times to slosh the water around inside them--Out came the fish!!!!

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    LOL do you honestly think he was stuck? LOLOL maybe it's a girlie and she was tending to her fry?? In any event, congrats your fish did not go to the dark side! How big is your tank? Can you share a pic of your oscellatus? Congrats, glad your fishie is fine J


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    Yeah, definitely male. Definitely stuck however, I was recently informed that rather than dunking the shells you should hold them under water and spin them. Dunking apparently can push the fish further into the shell. Glad I got him out but he's right back to diving into the same shells...

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