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    In the past I have had several tanks mostly Malawi with a few Tangs here and there like Juli Malori and a few other misc. such as the Daffodil. These were mostly small tanks but I aways had good healthy fish that produced offspring.

    Recently I came across a 120 Gallon tank 48x24x24, The only fish that I will not give on is Frontosa (with the understanding I will need to upgrade tanks in a few years)

    Will either of the following fish work well with Fronts, while they are growing up

    eretmodus cyanostictus
    Tropheus (not sure which kind but i have seen some beautiful ones here, also not real sure about them because I have not done much tropheus research)

    I am really only in the beginning steps of getting all this together, I am open to any suggestions especially what you guys have mixed with Fronts and been successful with. Again very early in this whole process and still doing a lot of reading just looking for some real life experience.

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    You should assume you'll need a 6' tank for the fronts in 1 year if you get them at < 3 months. I just graduated mine from a 55 to a 125.

    I wouldn't mix trophs with fronts, that's like haps and mbuna together - just not likely to end up well.

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    Ok maybe I will have to give on the fronts until i can get into a bit larger tank, after reading so much about them my want to raise them may not work out due to the environment that I can proved currently. I have been reading a bit and I do want an active tank and trophs seem to fit the bill. Am I correct to figure i would need about 20 or so to start? Would they mix well with any other fish or would I be best served going with a straight up troph colony? My main goals are to go straight Tang, have a tank with a lot of activity and just fun to watch(get family and kids just as interested as me). This will be my largest tank and it will be somewhat of a show tank. Even though I am so early in this process(tank isn't even set up) I wanted to get the fish nailed down so I had ample time to read read read and prepare. Since I have not built a relationship with any local breeders I am just trying to pick some brains. Thanks again for the help I look forward to any and all input, my experience with Tangs is so limited I don't want to jump into them until I am fully prepared.

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