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Thread: Canon Powershot S95

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    Default Canon Powershot S95

    Anyone else use this camera for shooting fish? I have one, but being not very savvy behind it, can you tell me good settings for shooting them?

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    I use a power shot elph 300 hs. I don't know much about the different brands and specs but I've shot quite a few HD videos and I'd say there ok. If yours is a newer camera, I'm sure yours has great capabilities.

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    Default Canon Powershot S95

    I have a Canon Powershot SX230 in a Canon Housing. Ive decided to add a tray and video light. There are so many choices out there and I dont want to spend a ton of money cause I dont have it. I was thinking of just buying an inexpensive tray from Ikelite or something similar---add a flexible arm--and then one of these chinese lights made by Novae. You can buy a MagicShine MJ-878 which has 2200 Lumens for about 250.Any advice or thoughts would be greatly appreciated


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