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Thread: the lady i work with

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    Default the lady i work with

    has a 4000 gallon pond in her back yard, a 300 gallon reef tank(i know it's salt) a 125 gallon african tank, a 125 south american tank, and a 90 gallon community tank. the most beautiful tanks i have ever seen. i'll try to get up some pics.
    after many transitions i sit as follows
    6 various size frontosas, 3 blue moori, 1 green severum, 2 red devils, 1 midas, 1 jack dempsey, 1 texas, 1 clown loach, 1 botias loach...........
    Gasp---all in the same tank----Gasp

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    i would like to see those pics...
    especially the pond and the south american tank
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    Wow!!!! That's awesome some of the people I meet at work have extravagant tanks like those but I haven't seen any pictures of them except for one. One customer came in and was asking me how many lg comets come in a box when we get our order in, I asked why and he was like well I want to buy 100 fish but i'm not sure if you have that here. I asked what in the world he was feeding, and he was like "oh i'm turning my built in pool into a pond, my daughter isn't too happy about it but oh well"
    he came in like once or twice a week and would buy 50 small comets and 100 lg comets. His pond has got to be awesome!!!!
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    indeed wow, the rich peeps here in DC usually only have 200-400 gallon salties, according to my friend who does nothing but that all day. You think you'd hate fish tanks after heaving 'em around all day ? lol
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