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Thread: White patches on my parrot cichilid's face

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    Default White patches on my parrot cichilid's face

    I have a red parrot cichlid in a 38 gallon tank. He has several large white patches on his face. It's not ich (he had that before when I had him in a smaller tank). He's had these patches for several months and doesn't seem particularly bothered by them. Recently I've treated him with PrimaFix for 7 days, but it hasn't really helped. Does anyone have any ideas/advice?

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    OMG, your parrot is sooooooooooo cute. Just look at that smiling face. Sorry I can't help you with the white spots but I think it's just discolouring, the orange colour fading. As these are man made fish, there's no certainty. Some are dyed different colours but it fades to their natural orange. Mine develop black spots from time to time then it disappears. This could be the same thing but I could be wrong.

    It could be similar to what humans develop where they lose their skin colour. Michael Jackson had it but I can't remember what it's called.

    Good luck and I hope it's nothing serious. That guy is way too cute to be sick.
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    i think it is the natural color fading that happens in them. ive seen this in parrots and red not positive though as i dont know much about illnesses.

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    Im not positive but I don't think you should worry. I think he is going threw a colour morph. Maybe he was dyed and he is going back to his original colour. He is so cute. Keep an eye on him.
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    I have the same skelton drunk!

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    I do agree. Then I looked closer and in the middle of the white spots I saw a little different coloration, so I took it and played with the contrast and I am pretty sure I am right. Glee, does the skin appear to be affected? I think it look like a little erosian. Could be the start of HITH. Not saying it is for sure.
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