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Thread: Dither fish

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    Question Dither fish

    OK I tried putting 3 tiger barbs in with my 5" Salvini because it hides constantly. I'm lucky if it even comes out to eat while I'm still in the room. At 1st it worked & it was really fun watching him swim around & occasionally chasing the barbs with little success.
    After lights out the chase must have begun more in earnest, because by the next moring I was down to 1 & that evening I found 1/2 of the last one in the tank. What a demon!
    Anyhoo, its only a 30 gallon tank so I don't have room for a school of bigger dithers. Any suggestions?
    Are salvini's typically this shy? He's recovering from HITH, could it be that he just still doesn't feel 100%? He looks alot better than he did when I got him.

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    i say a texas--- they seem to get along, my salvini and texas mate
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    Would a convict be able to hold it's own? As I said in my original post it is currently in a 30 gal tank & it could be at least a year B4 I can go bigger. I don't think that will be a problem for a 7 - 8" Salvini, but w/ a Texas in there too it would get crowded fast.
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