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Thread: How often do you feed?

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    Question How often do you feed?

    I recently set up a small tank with two Malawi Cichlids (one Yellow Lab and ...uh, oh, mental blue and black stripey one...can't remember the technical name.)

    I've read MANY conflicting recommendations for feeding. I'm gathering that it's not an exact science, and somewhat of a personal preference, often is everyone feeding?

    One book I read said 2-3 times per day, another said 2 or 3 times per day but if you're home feed them a very small amount many times a day, most places say just TWICE per day, others have said once a day, one poster said they only feed their Cichlids 3 times a week.

    I know to err on the side of NOT overfeeding, and you only feed as much as they can eat in a few minutes.

    So what is the general concensus for actual # of times per day? Please vote...

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    I feed the big fish twice a day except for the one day a week that I feed them nothing.

    I feed fries three times a day.
    too many fish not enough tank

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    i also feed 2x per day unless:
    1. it's the one random day they don't eat, or
    2. they get a treat.
    i'm on an every 8 days water change regime and they don't get fed two days after the change and they usually get the treat a couple of hours after the change as a reward for putting up with my hand in the tank.
    don't know why i have that schedule, just seems to work.
    Tiny purple fishes run laughing through your fingers

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    feed twice a day and fast one day a week. I do weekly water changes of about 30%.


    oh yes algae wafers after lights out

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    My fish are youngsters so I feed 2-3x daily, no fasting. Once they get to be adults I will be assuming the same feeding regimen as everybody else.

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    i feed up to a million times a day, no seriously i have gone for 20 b4 as long as its a little bit, and they eat it its ok. fish in the wild are grazers, they eat constantly all day and its best to get as close to that as possible.
    just make sure food isnt hitting the bottom

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    I feed when ever I am around; some times they eat 3 x's a day, some times once a day, and some times they don't eat at all, but usually it works out to be twice a day.

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    I feed twice a day and one day fast a week after the water change to let it settle, treats every week sporadically (ick spelling lol)
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    you know, I agree with would be eating a little tiny bit ALL DAY, I feed quite often....just not very much at all. My fish are juv's too, so I don't fast. But, at they rate they're growing, they won't be little very long!!! My yellow labs doubled in size since early Dec! No kidding!
    I was also told that some breeders when they're conditioning their stock to breed, they feed this way. Some feed every hour!
    I do 25-30% water changes every 5-7 days ..I check ammonia regularly..undetectable so far.
    I think as long as the fish are healthy, growing and the water quality is OK, feed 'em!
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    I feed 2-3 times a day and have occasional Fasts on a roughly 2 week schedule. But only because I have Mbuna in a heavily planted Tank and it keeps down on the Grazing of the live plants.

    And on a Kind of Weird Odd Side note, I have found that my Rusty's Would rather claim a patch of Plant Work than a Rock work as their little homes.

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    i feed often especially when the fish are young . if their bellies are always full i'm happy
    fish are like, awesome dude!

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    i feed mine 2-3 times a day pellets and flakes in the morning and afternoon and then bloodworms at night. They seem to like that and they always appear hungry so that is a good sign right? This is pretty much my routine.

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    I do a once a week fast with everything but fry. Feed moderately three times a day the rest of the time.

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    my fish eat better than i do

    They get fed 3-4times a day the first meal is usualy spirurilina(sp?) And a few pellets for the pickey eater (one eye). for the next they get flake food and again a few pellets for the picky eater. for late evening they get some type of treat food, shrip pellets, plankton, bloodworms,brine shrimp, peas, zuchinni, somthing fun.

    And if im up long enough for a 4th meal they usualy get sinking pellet food. if i dont they usualy get it with the second meal the next day.

    The fry get fed very small amounts every 2 hours during awake hours
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    My fish eat well, but their feeding times are chaotic. Usually twice daily.

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