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    I have a male Firemouth cichlid and want to create a breeding pair. I bought another one (affectionately named Clo) but am not sure what sex it is. Can anybody tell me what gender you think Clo is? I think Clo may still be a juvenile. How old/large must firemouths be before they are sexually mature? I have had convicts breed the same size Clo is but I know they are the rabbits of the fish world. Clo is about 1 & 1/4 an inch. Here are some pictures her (hopefully ). I know they are bad quality but I hope they will work! I took the fish out of the tank to take closer pics but then it's colors faded.


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    I took some more pictures. Some include the vent which may help. There are two of the same fish in several because of the reflection. How old do you think Clo is? I hope she is a female and will me sexually mature soon! I'm keeping her in another tank until she is a little larger (and older) before introducing her to my 5 inch male.


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    Firemouths are notoriously difficult to sex even with good photos, and I hate to say it, but most of these are blurry and bad angles for seeing anything. I think that's why no one is answering, as they haven't got a guess, so they aren't saying anything.

    Given the size, I think your little fish is not close to being mature enough to sex, even if you did have a clear photo. Firemouths generally have to be 3.5 to 4 inches to really be sexable, and as stated before, even then it is difficult. However, at that size you will have people claiming that they can tell what sex it is. Right now it is still a juvenile. Probably less than 6 months old, maybe about 4 months. It is a good 6-8 months from being mature.

    I would definitely NOT put it with a large mature adult, as he would likely kill it.
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    Sorry i can't tell either. When they get older it is easier.
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