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    So what's the scoop on these fish? Are they illegal to own and/or breed?I see them on aquabid and I have recently put some consideration into maybe breeding these in the Seattle area.

    Would I be able to sell these fish to a lfs?

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    They are not illegal to own or breed. They are quite rare in the wild and illegal to export from Brazil. They are slow growing (taking more than two years to mature) and have small broods of only 6-12 fry at a time. A single female may spawn only one or two times a year. Then you have to grow them for 6 months until they are a sellable size. Although they are valuable fish they grow so slowly and produce such few fry that the expense in maintaining them is often more than what you can sell them for. But they are still an awesome fish.

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    I'm thinking of buying ten unsexed and giving them their own 55 to chill out in. Is it possible to sex these at 1 1/2 inch? I figure if I can manage three spawns a year the investment could be worth it

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    Not possible to sex at that size. Although you can often tell at 2-2.5". Females will be larger and broader than the males. A 55 is a good size to grow them out in. They are carnivorous and do great on a diet of bloodworms, blackworms, and algae wafers. Provide several caves for the males to protect and I would recommend using stacked pieces of slate for the females to hide in. They are probably one of the prettiest fish you will never see as they hide almost constantly.

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