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Thread: Bristlenose disappeared???

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    Default Bristlenose disappeared???

    Hello all.

    I've been lurking and learning here for a while.

    My small, 2" bristlenose plecostomus (bought 4 weeks ago) is officially missing from my tank. It's been about a week since anyone has seen him, and today was water change day. I picked up all of my rocks and searched everywhere while cleaning, but he is just gone.

    FYI, my 200 liter (53 gallon) tank has 10 long-finned black skirt tetras, 4 black phantom tetras, 4 peppered cories, and two adult male angelfish that are very docile. All of the tetras are young and small. Is it possible that the bristlenose died and was eaten by the others, or do they just hide this perfectly?

    I'm very concerned, but don't want to go buy another just to find out that he's been hiding all along.

    Any ideas?



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    Any small holes for the fish to leap out of the tank - even small ones?
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    Does your tank have an under-gravel filter with open-topped tubes? There's a good chance your bristlenose could have gone down the tube and is under the gravel filter. My plecos in my troppie tank have done that...It is a pain in the behind to retrieve them...but it can and does happen.
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    No undergravel filter on my tank. I have a sand substrate and a Rena Filstar XP3 filter. The in and outflow tubes are both capped quite well, so no way for even a tiny pleco to get inside.

    There are small holes to allow for cords, filter tubing etc. in my canopy, but I have already checked the floor all the way around. He didn't jump out that I can see.

    It's just weird...

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    I bought a bn over a year ago..I saw it for about a month, then it disappeared. this was a larger one. I cleaned the tank, reorganized the rocks...all down to only sand in the tank. I could never find it and thought it was dead. There are no hiding places, only regular solid rocks and sand...I saw it for the first time in nearly a year, just YESTERDAY!

    I would still have faith if I were you. Can you sneak in at night and might catch him out instead of hiding.

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    Drop a chunk of cucumber or zucchini after lights out. Come back to the tank in say 20 minutes. My bushy nose will disappear for a week at a time.
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    Check BEHIND the filter tubes in the tank. I lost my pleco and thought he was eaten, then when I moved my fish and went to grab the filter out he swan off the tube. THe smaller ones blend right in and it is the perfect hiding spot for him
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