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Thread: best catfish for mbuna

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    Default best catfish for mbuna

    Im going to be getting some catfish to put in my mbuna tank.. Is there a catfish that does fry control and that will eat algae of the rocks/glass? Im looking at maybe 4 Syno Petricolas, though I dont think they eat algae.

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    I would say Synodontis njassae would be a good choice. Many folks here also add the smaller Plecos to their African tanks to help with algae control.

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    4 Syno Petricolas would be a good choice.
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    Petricolas would be great. What size tank are we talking about?
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    Hi I have a 120 gallon 4 foot wide tank.. I think I might go with the syno licupinnis. I think they are very similar to the petricolas but are a little smaller.. Anyone have any experience with them?

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    I keep syno multipunctatus, and love them. In fact, I'm picking up 4 more today
    I don't know that synos do much for algae. They're more of a scavenger.

    I've also got an albino bushynose who chows on the rocks (I rarely see him working on the glass). But just about everyone in the tank grazes on anything growing on the rocks.

    For the glass, I just use a scraper or a glass-cleaning sponge during water changes.
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