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Thread: neon tetra with african cichlids

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    Default neon tetra with african cichlids

    can i put neon tetra
    with african cichlids

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    Probably wind up being expensive feeder fish.... honestly though the answer is no you shouldn't. Neon's are sensitive fish with a much lower PH/Hardness requirement than most of the African lake cichlids.
    If it has gills I am interested in it...
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    HEhe ,
    It Depends. Due to Circumstances Beyond my Control I had a Herd of Danios and a herd of Neon Tetra's inhabiting the same tank as my Bumble bee and 2 rusty's for 2 months. Out of the 15 Tetra's 9 Succumbed to High PH the Remaining 6 Got Freaking Huge, mutant even I mean they were going on 2.5 Inches before I moved them out. If I could get em to breed I'd sell em as Giant Neon tetra's. Come to think of it I am trying to breed them but its hard with them used to Hard water and high PH now. The danio's Well lets just say they are still in the tank and happy as Clams getting fat and dropping Eggs every few weeks......
    then again the Mbuna mostly Ignore them and eat the Snails I breed, anyone want some Albino Gold Mystery Snails? Hehe

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