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Thread: Keeping Neolamprologus multifasciatus

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    Default Keeping Neolamprologus multifasciatus

    Can someone tell me how to care for Neolamprologus multifasciatus? Do I need salt? I have a 8 gallon biocube, how many shells and how many fish? Also should I use sand or gravel? Where can I buy shells, thinks about escargot shells but can't find any, maybe at Michaels or an upscale french restaurant?

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    Hello glingcichlid and welcome.

    Do I need salt?
    Salt is not necessary.

    I have a 8 gallon biocube, how many shells and how many fish?
    You will need between 50-75 shells.
    Six to eight fish will be fine to start off with. If the fish are mature, the males will be larger than the females. Try to get two males and the rest females to begin your colony.

    Also should I use sand or gravel?
    Sand is the better substrate. A fine grade sand of whatever color you like should cover the bottom about 1” deep. Don’t be too concerned with leveling the sand or careful placement of the shells, multies will dig and arrange things the way they want.

    Where can I buy shells,
    You can get them online from here:
    Any of the smaller shells (1” – 2”) will suffice. My suggestion would be the whale eye variety they work great.

    Can someone explain to me the tank and water parameters for the multis shell dwellers
    Hard alkaline water, ph 7.8 – 8.5, temp around 80, they are not very demanding.

    See this thread for some more information.


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    Thanks ge2655. Is there any store or place where I can buy whale eye snail shells, because I really don't want to order online. And also how do I raise my ph that high?

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    An 8 gallon biocube is NOT going to support 6-8 multies, it is barely sufficient for a pair. Bear in mind that it has less territory than a 10 gallon tank, and a 10 is too small for that many multies. And 50-75 shells will put a double layer on the bottom, try 10-15 shells.

    Getting hard, alkaline water is as simple as putting crushed coral either in the filter, or if it's fine enough, use it as substrate.
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    Is that really true? Are there any other types of cichlids suitable for this kind of tank? I heard some people putting 50 multis in a 10 gallon and others putting 6 multis in a 3 gallon tank.

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    Being totally unfamiliar with any type of bio-cube, it was wrong to make the suggestions I did. I apologize and defer to chromedome. He is extremely knowledgeable and following his advice will yield success.


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    Okay, thank you ge2655, maybe I will just get some and if my tank over populates I could just sell them.

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    I'm looking into the shells for these guys and I came across escargot shells, whale eye shells and turbo snail shells. Which one would be the best shell for the multis. Is it true that you can buy whale eye shells at the dollar store for like a $1? Is it also a good Idea to stack the shells in the tank so the whole lower area of the tank is covered with shells because that's what there original home would look like. Also what type of substrate can I use other than sand? Is sand required. I heard some people using pool filter sand and others using crushed coral. I also have to ask again what the ph should be and how I am going to aquire that ph. Thanks

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