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Thread: Best age to move fry to shop?

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    Default Best age to move fry to shop?

    Hi all,

    My fry are growing nicely, about half an inch and roughly four weeks old. I am planning on removing all the rocks, giving the tank a massive scrub and collecting all the fry in another couple of weeks, will 6 weeks be too young to go to the shop? I've found someone willing to pay for them but I really just want to re home, just want to make sure they're a good age to move.

    Also, I have now had three batches of fry so a good mix of ages in there! I'm planning on growing the tiny fry in a maternity tank until they're big enough for their trip, any suggestions on a good maternity tank size? The smaller the better really as it really will be a functional tank, plonked on a chest of drawers in my back bedroom.

    One of the mother fish died as it appears she carried two batches back to back, she was ridiculously emaciated, constently hiding and after I found her dead I noticed the latest batch of fry (who look like they have a different father - she put it about a bit!). Which brings me to a problem. I think the original father was a red zebra, and the other one of my mystery brown fish. How fussy do you find fish shops are over muts? And how can I stop them breeding with the wrong "species"? I'm guessing a stern talk about birth control will have little effect! It may come to finding new homes for my labs, who appear to be the only females I have (fingers crossed!)

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    Do not take hybrids to a fish store. Even if you are honest you can not guarantee the fish store will be or someone down the line will be.
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    Assuming you don't have a hybrid, stores usually won't accepts them until the 2 inch range or so. It depends, you will just have to call and ask.
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    take your zebra out of the equation and you'll have a better understanding whose the father!

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    Any thoughts on what I should so with 30+ hybreds then?

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    Feed them to larger fish.

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    Ah well, this site was helpful for longer than most I suppose.


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    You know it was quite interesting. Recently I was at a pet store that was selling cichlid fry that were very young for like 99 cents each. It was a new one on me. I assumed (didn't get to ask) that perhaps they'd had fish at the store that had been holding and decided to make a little money off the "free" fish LOL. I don't know that I'd buy them since young fry can be hard to tell species on and you don't know if they are pure or hybrids either since the store kept multiple species in the same tanks (probably got the "assorted" bag from the supplier too).

    BTW while you can't stop them from breeding, just stop pulling the females if you don't know the father of the fry. Let nature take it's course in your main tank (even still a fry or two may survive here and there, but you won't have 30 hybrid fry to figure out what to do with). Also like slabfinder said, you can remove the male who is breeding across species lines to prevent him from doing it again. However, I doubt you'll read this because it sounds like you've left.
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