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Thread: My red devil is turning black

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    Default My red devil is turning black

    hey i have a red devil and he is turning black on his mouth and on his fins why is this

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    It's a natural color change.
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    so is he gonna turn completely black

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    Probably not, but he may develop a marbled pattern, which may or may not be permanent. Young Devils often have shifting color patterns, but once they start changing I've never heard of one going all the way back to the normal striped pattern of the species.
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    Default old is it or how big is it? I've seen it before and couldn't believe it was a Devil, but once they reach adulthood, they will most likely turn Red or Pink or a color of similar contrast.

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    its about 4" and now its body is turning black

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    Dang...I would love to have a white everywhere, couldn't find one so I just settle for a comment red/orange one..

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    i have a white red devil

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    i have a breeding pair thats about 4 and 5 inches and my male is all black with stripes real nice color hope so fry be his color
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