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Thread: Cichlids that don't eat plants?

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    Default Cichlids that don't eat plants?

    Are their any species of Cichlid that don't eat plants?
    I have a 55g tank with a few peacocks, yellow labs, a small Texas cichlid, and a few other species of Mbunas. I have tried to put some plants in there a few times and about every species of plant I put in there comes to the same fate of being pecked at till it is just a small stock and roots. It doesn't seem like people who have cichlids have plants with them. They just keep rocks and sand/gravel. Is this because that is the environment they are more comfortable in or because they all eat plants or both?

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    Anibias and Java fern are some of the nastier tasting plants.
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    I have tried java fern before but I got it from petco and the one near me is realy dirty so they didn't last Long. Lol, I think I even got ich from there once. But I'll try some from another cleaner place and see how that works out. I just really want a somewhat planted tank but I don't think I'll have that with cichlids.

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