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Thread: Convict - Laying on bottom!

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    Default Convict - Laying on bottom!

    4 Convicts - 55 gallons - 8" Pleco & 6" Catfish are mates

    I did a tank change, due to old 55g one leaking. Upon putting in fish, within minutes, all 4 Convicts were doing barrel rolls. Now, they are all laying on sides on the bottom of tank. All breathing, yet not making effort to move. I realize the tank water may be a little colder than before. I have cranked up the heater to 9, in effort to warm faster.

    What is going on? Should I worry about the Pleco or Catfish doing more harm to the immobile convicts?? Need a little help! Thanks alot!!!

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    We need more info on how exactly you performed the move. There are more factors at play than a temperature. Please tell us step by step how did you move them.
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    did you fill the new tank straight from the tap?

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    Any update?

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    Sorry for not getting back. Summer days got me carried away. Tank is fine. All are well and good. I did do straight from tap, let sit with filter on for three days. After adding same gravel and plants/deco. from old tank, I added all 6 fish. The pleco. and cat. took right away. Those convicts did what was mentioned above. However, within 3 hours they were back to old selves again. Kinda scary at first, but glad it all worked out. Thanks for your replies!

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