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Thread: New tank, how many fish?

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    Question New tank, how many fish?

    hi! I just got a 30g fish tank and want to put the chichlids in it, not sure on what specie. or how many.. i have heard two thinks 1 put a bunch of cichlids (around 12) so they dont fight as much, and ive heard to put 1 per 5g. wich do you all do?, also there is a tank in the local mall that has african cichlids with tiger barbs.. does any one else do that? because i was thinking about getting like 7 cichlids and then a few tiger barbs if it is possible.. and also can you have placos in the tank?, i have a bunch of plants and a cave in the tank so they can hide, i guess i should wait about a week before getting fish?.
    Thanks! would appreciate the help!

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    First, read this article about how to cycle your fish tank. This particular method works without having to use fish to get the bacterial colonies going. If the colonies of bacteria aren't properly built up, your fish will soon be swimming a in a poisonous sewer of their own waste products, and it could kill them or damage their health permanently.

    You should invest in a good water test kit that will test for ammonia, nitrates, and nitrites (Tetra has one for about $20 at Wal-Mart). You'll need to test your water frequently during cycling. First you'll see your ammonia go way up, and then it will start to drop off but the nitrates will spike way up. Once both have dropped down to undetectable or trace levels, you're ready for fish (could take a month or more).

    As to what you can keep in a 30g. I'm sorry to say it, but you won't be able to keep much in the way of cichlids. Cichlids are territorial fish so they need space. In that tank, you could maybe keep a trio of Yellow Labs, a trio of a small (no more than 4" as adult) peacocks, any of the Tang shell dwellers, a pair of N. brichardi, or a pair of one of the julidochromis species.

    Most of the really bright Africans you see in dealers tanks are mbuna and they are rough customers. They will also top out at 5+" so if you put 11 of them in your tank, you're quickly going to run out of room. The ideal starting tank size for a community of these guys is 55g. Then you can indeed use some controlled overcrowding to help check aggression, but your 30g is just going to be too small for that to work.

    I'm sorry if I'm the bearer of bad news, but don't worry, you can still have an interesting cichlid tank if you're willing to look past the bright colors. Most people here will tell you that what shellies lack for color they make up for in personality, and that tank could house a decent colony of N. mulitfasciatus or N. simillis with a small catfish and maybe some neon rainbow fish to school above.

    Whatever you decide, good luck, and happy fishkeeping!!
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    In a 30g, IMO you could keep maybe 7 shell dwellers, and a trio of Labs, or maybe a trio of peacocks(aulonocara sp).

    Good advice on how to cycle your tank, and bye a water test kit.

    Water qulity is the most important part of fishkeeping. If you have good water quality, everything else will take care of itself.

    And don't forget, if you get shell dwellers, you must also get shells. Also a sand substrate will work best.


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    I think matt1066's idea is good. There would be a harmony then and no real fighting.

    Besides, the little shellies are cool to watch!
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