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Thread: What kind of sucker fish can live with Cichlids?

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    Default What kind of sucker fish can live with Cichlids?

    I have 4 Convicts, 1 Yellow Lab, 2 Kenyi and 1 Crabro and am wondering what kind of sucker fish would be compatible with these Cichlids, if any. I know plecostomus are a popular type, but I don't know how he would do with the aggressive Cichlids I have. Any advice/help is much appreciated.

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    The common pleco can be quiet aggressive himself as he gets bigger...Mine stands his ground so far.

    The 3 crabros (Bumblee cichlids) are about 4 inches long...the pleco is the same size, and he has shown them that he won't be "plucked at" (yes...they fought a couple of times). They killed a smaller pleco that I had a couple of weeks ago. So I got a bigger one in hopes that he would be a tad meaner...and he is.

    I have no idea how long the "truce" will last...but as of now the pleco is the only fish that they allow in the caves with them. They don't bother him at all.

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    try looking into bristle nose pleco's, their awesome cleaners, rarely seen, and don't leave the 10 inch ropes everywhere!!.lol

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    If you go the Bristlenose route, get one with a little size, I had one for a bit but he became an appetizer for my Mbuna, which were more or less the same size as he. So you might want to get one who is big enough to fight back. Also have a common Pleco who goes toe to toe with a full grown fryeri pretty regularly, He never seems to start it but will not stand for any bullyng, so they might aso be a viable route. I understand that the common pleco can get quite large though.
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    Here's some basic "pleco" info:

    How big of a tank are we talking about?
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