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Thread: Red Ear Slider w/ Cichlids..

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    Default Red Ear Slider w/ Cichlids..

    I have an 80 gal tank with 8 African Cichlids: 2 Kenyi, 1 Bumble-bee, 4 Convicts and 1 Electric Yellow Lab and I'm wanting to get a red ear slider turtle or something similar to go in the tank, but have been advised that as it gets older it may eat the cichlids or create so much waste that my tank and filter won't be able to handle it and cause the fish to die. Anybody have any experience with keeping turtles and cichlids together? or any advice on this? Thank you.

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    Fish and turtles should not be mixed for all of the reasons you have been told. If you want the slider then get another tank for it. I know you wanted a different answer but I would rather be up front and honest.
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    What you have been told is correct. I don't care what anybody says, if they say they've had fish and turtles living together for years, great...but it's not safe and I would probably lose sleep over it. I mean, for the fish. At ANY time the turtle could wake up and decide that Bumblebee is looking pretty tasty.... Not too mention the turtles' waste load like you said. You are always going to hear otherwise ("success stories").... Just remember... Just because you CAN do something, doesn't mean you SHOULD.
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    Thank you for the reply vereyna and glaive. I hadn't made the decision to actually get a turtle yet, I was just doing my research and I think after hearing mostly the same thing from everyone I've decided not to get one. Its not worth risking the fish, I just thought a turtle would look cool swimming around in the tank, but eventually he'd be the only thing in the tank I guess... haha. Thanks again for the advice.

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    I got rid of my Yellow Bellied Sliders to get fish again...(didn't really get rid of them, turned them loose in my .5 acre pond)

    The turtles don't really "hunt" the fish...but if one gets sick, slow, lazy or whatever it will trigger their instinct and they will kill it and eat it.

    I fed my turtles goldfish on occasion (in preparation for the day they got turned loose in the pond)...and they would only truly "hunt" when they were pretty hungry. Otherwise, they ignored the fish completely.

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