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Thread: Petrified Wood and Red Jasper for sale--Stone Decor

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    Default Petrified Wood and Red Jasper for sale--Stone Decor

    I have a lot of petrified wood and Jasper from Texas that I've personally collected. I've sold a good amount to friends near me to put in their aquariums, but I thought I'd open this up to everyone because it seems that aquarium specified petrified wood isn't easy to get ahold of--at least at a decent price. Raw Jasper I couldn't find on the internet for sale at all--it's a beautiful bright red under water.

    Basically, send me a message letting me know what sizes and how many pieces of petrified wood you're looking for and any additional criteria. I'll send you pictures of the pieces that fit your specifications and then you select the ones you want, and we'll work out a price. I charge between $2 and $5 per pound + flat rate shipping.

    On the Jasper, I can send you a picture of the whole lot if you are interested and you can buy just a few pieces, or the whole deal. I charge $0.50-$5 per piece depending on size and quality.

    If you live in Texas, you can come by and take a look at what I have for sale.

    Shipping is actual USPS only.


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    New lower prices--I no longer charge by the pound, but per piece. Starting at $0.25 + shipping. 100% fish safe and thoroughly washed. I will give a 15% discount to the first buyer on this forum. Lowest prices and best quality petrified wood on the net!

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    new batch available! highest quality petrified wood at the lowest prices on the net! I have just about any size/shape/color/weight you need!

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    I have a new batch of nice, fish friendly petrified wood. I have found, cleaned, and sterilized each piece myself. Great for decorating your aquarium, or you can of course display it. Great and safe alternative to drift wood and other organic décor that can cause problems. This is considered “stone” and will no “leech” or dissolve in water.
    6” measuring stick in pictures—this is petrified Conifer wood—a lot nicer looking than the more common petrified hardwoods.
    I have flat stacking pieces, stand-alone pieces, pillar pieces for lean-to fish structures, etc.—just let me know what you like and what you are looking for and I will pull those pieces together for you, send you pictures, and we can work up a deal. Shipping is flat rate $10 total no matter the weight.

    Structure Types:


    “Log/long shelter”

    Structure Types:


    “Log/long shelter”

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    Default More info on on product

    I have an interest in creating an aquascape using driftwood as mountains in a 20 long(something similar in texture to the pieces in the photo entitled "lean to"
    that support that flat piece. Could you please provide some pics?
    Thank You

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    Please specify what you want pictures of--I sell this petrified wood at a Very cheap price, so if you have some specifications, then send them to me and I'll send you some pictures of pieces with prices.

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    Silver, i am interested in purchasing some of your red jasper do you have any large pieces for building caves possibly? I am going to buy some sparkling limestone after the winter and I think that red jasper would add a perfect contrast to the tank.

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    I'm completely out of the red Jasper--people snatched it up as fast as I could find it and unfortunately the site is now under heavy construction.

    I have found a new site with Very colorful petrified wood though that will add some nice color to any tank--I'll try to get some pictures by tonight.

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    aw man a day late and a dollar short as they say lol..thanks for the response though.

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