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Thread: 35/40 gallon possibilities?

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    Default 35/40 gallon possibilities?

    Hello, I just had a relative drop off a tank at my house they didnt want. Its either a 35 or 40. I have a 90 gallon set up in my basement thats already functional and I want to put the 40 gal in my room. What fish/combination of cichlids can I keep in it?

    i was already thinking convicts or firemouths but I am open to any other suggestions!!!


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    Keyholes also would work. or rams.

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    I have an albino krib, an albino cory, and I'm getting 2 discus and 4 rams for my 30 gallon......
    my dads sense of humor: "well, why don't we just put a dozen of 'em in there with no caves or anything? Survival of the fittest, jeez."

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