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Thread: sick black convict cichlid

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    Exclamation sick black convict cichlid

    About two weeks ago I came home and found the cover was off of the power head in my tank leaving the impeller exposed. I then found my male convict had what looked like a damaged eye. It was mostly white and had some white flesh hanging out the bottom. I was thinking he got into the impeller and hurt his eye. Now his eye is much better but he is sitting on the bottom of the tank on his side and moving his fins and gills fast. He looks like he has a hard time swimming, it is like he is swimming with a lead weight. He looks good as far as his fins and body and he will still come up and eat when I feed them. I just did a 25% water change. The ph is 7.4 to 7.6, the ammonia and nitrite are 0 ppm, and the nitrate is between 0 and 5.0 ppm. the temp is at 79 F. The tank is a pre drilled tall 150 gal with the mega flow #4 wet dry filter. I have a female convict that he mates with, 2 oscars, 2 mating jacks, 1 parrot, 1 pacu, and 1 red devil female and midas male that mate about every 4 to 6 weeks. In the large part of the sump I have three of their babies and a small striped leporinus. Then I have a 1.5 gallon refugium settup that is fed from the sump and overflows back into the sump, with 13 of the convics babies in it. I think that is about every thing I can think to tell you. If there is anythig you need to know just ask. Thank you for any help you can offer.

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    I feed them cichlid gold, cichlid bio-gold+ and cichlid staple on a regular basis. Then I give them freeze dried krill, plankton, tubifex worms and green marine algae once in a while, not on a regular basis or very offten, just when ever.

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    That sounds like the behavior of my convict that had really bad pop-eye and lost his eye completely. He's still living, and everythings healed, but hes blind in one eye, and mostly he sits at the top of the tank in a corner or something to help protect himself against the other cichlids that have full vision. It's sad to watch, but theres not a alot you can do, he'll live a full life, but the quality of it is stressed. But you can't really justify putting him down when hes just blind in an eye.
    He also could have gotten an infection that spread, did you add any medication to heal his eye?

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    His eye looks like it is better now, but he is still sitting on the bottom of the tank on his side most of the time. He also swims like he is weighted down. This has been going on for three or four weeks now. It realy looks like he is going to die any time but he doesn't and the female is protecting him. As for his fins and body he looks good and He will still come to the top and get some food but has a hard time getting it. I don't know what to do!!!

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