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    Default Stocking 72g

    I'm about to be setting up a 4" 72g with 20g sump.

    I have a jack dempsey and a raphael cat that will be rehomed to it, but I want to add more fish too.

    Does this stocking setup sound like it will work?

    Male Jack Dempsey
    Raphael Cat
    Turquoise Severum
    5 Buenos Aires Tetras or Giant Danios

    I would like this to be a planted tank so I'm not sure about the severum yet.


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    if its going to be a planted tank, the Jack Dempsey will have to go because they will dig up everything you plant.


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    Well I already have a Jack Dempsey so I guess I'll have to throw out the plant idea.

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    If I got a pair of firemouths, would they be a threat to my jack dempsey if they decided to breed?

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