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Thread: JD Sexing? And 2 Others(africans?)

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    Default JD Sexing? And 2 Others(africans?)

    Just took over ownership of a 55 Gal. tank. Has a what I know for sure is a Jack Dempsey but I can't tell the sex of it. Also Tank came with too smaller electric yellow labs but I can't tell if they're male of female yet
    Anyhelp would rock!
    Thanks in Advance!

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    I'll copy this to the African ID forum for you, but I don't believe yellow labs show sexual dimorphism.

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    The JD looks male to me.

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    Thanks Mac, I'm sure its been mentioned in another thread but what exactly are the tell-tail signs of which gender(heh bad pun...sorry its late) ?

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    more sppangles on the body than the gills for males, more on the gills less on the body for females.

    can kinda be seen here m/f together



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    Awesome, thanks for the info Jcushing!

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