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Thread: do mbuna build nest in gravel

  1. Default do mbuna build nest in gravel

    i have 4 mbuna in 55 gal tank 3 blue female 1 yellowish brownish male i built several shelf cavlikees out of slate and marble the the male has begun clearing out gravel from underneith one of the shelfs in what looks like a sunfish nest and building what looks like a defensive berm in front of cave is this breeding actoins or what

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    Yes, a 'defensive berm' is a good way to put it. Making the cave larger and the opening smaller. It's neat watching them build it, but they will breed regardless. Establishing boundaries like that just makes it easier to hold territory, and spawn with less interruption. It isn't for the fry's protection though - with mouthbrooders the haven is the mother's mouth.

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    Just a side note, be sure there is no way they can undermine your structures and cause a collapse.

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    thank you

    i was in the army that is why said defensive berm it looked like he was building a fox hole i a realy hopeing they breed i realy want to see it first hand

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    It will be swell.My Melanochromis Johanni are holding and my Metracliama Estherea.
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    that reminds me - is it just the males that dig? Have noticed my more dominent males digging frequently, although occasionally my female auratus will have a little dig too. Nothing much, more like tyding a pre-dug hole. Just worried that she might not be female, an 2 male auratus in one tank........

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    I have a Blue Zebra and he digs non stop. I always move the gravel back and re-arrange the tank which pisses him off.

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    What ever makes mine happy ass well.
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