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    Default my brutal stock list

    currently im keeping two rope fish one 12 inches one 8 inches,one blue acara 2 inches,two convicts one 5 inches one 4 inches,one texas 21/2 inches,one electric yellow 2 inches,one unknown cichlid same body shape as my electric yellow but dark brown and light brown stripes length wise along his body. with white and brown almost camoflauge forehead,hint of yellow on tale and hint or orange on dorsal fin about 41/2 inches and beefy looking(if anybody can identify this fish by this lame description props to u and thx) and one pleco about 4 inches.

    iv had most of these fish in the same tank for 2 years with no probs what so ever no aggression at all except for my cons they like to harrass each other a bit. i just bought the fish i liked without researching them. i would just like to know what could happen if it was to with all these diffrent fish in the same tank? how bad of a fish keeper am i?

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    What size tank???

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    exactly what i was thinking.... by his thread title i would say its small. lol

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