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    I have this crazy idea, just please hear me out.. i just got rid of the big pleco because in my opinion he was getting lazy and just left big stings of poo everywhere. So last week I was fishing and caught a 8" beautiful channel cat...

    So my question is could I put a WC channel in with my africans? Maybe by slowly acclimating to the PH, etc. Also would it be a good choice regarding his ability to keep the tank clean?

    Any suggestions appreciated!

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    Channel Cats are predators, not scavengers. Considering that, at 8 inches, he is still a baby, I would not recommend putting him in the African Cichlid tank, unless you intend them to be feeders for the catfish.....
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    Thanks chromedome it wasnt a good idea from the start, i later read somewhere that it might be illegal to keep WC gamefish in a aquarium.

    What would be the best alternative maybe a small pleco for the african tank?

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