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Thread: Crayfish worms?

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    Default Crayfish worms?

    We noticed tonight that one of our crayfish has these tiny little wormlike creatures on it, on the head and near the eyes. They are kind of an opaque white.

    I looked online, and it does seem to be a parasite of some kind, likened to a leech, and from what little I found online, they don't bother the crayfish??

    My question is though, will these gross little buggers transfer over to my fish? I have a bunch of fish in the tank and I'm worried that they'll get infested with these things too.

    I have 2 crays in the tank, but as far as I can tell, only one of them has these worms.

    Can someone please help? I'm really worried about my fish, but I don't see any info online that says whether or not these things will transfer to my fish. Is there something I can put in the water to kill these? I don't want to get rid of the crayfish, nor do I want to kill them, I just want the worms gone.

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    Parasites are often extrememly host specific...however it is always possible that a "fish" will be the host of the next stage of the parasites life cycle.

    Is the worm only on the outside of the crayfish, or is it actually coming out of the crayfish? A picture will be worth a thousand words here.

    Also, do a quick web image search for "parasitic copepod" to see if that is your culprit...
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    I can't get a picture of him, he decided to go hide in the rocks, camera shy I guess.

    But I did find this on youtube, and this is exactly what they look like on mine, just thin white hairlike worms. Only one of them has it currently. The other doesn't. It looks like the worm is coming out of the shell??

    I bought the first one, then about 3 days later, I got a second one, from the same store, same tank, so I guess it's safe to assume the other one probably has it too? (he just molted yesterday, I don't see any worms on him right now).

    Can I treat this without harming the fish?? I read that giving them a salt bath will help... do I just mix aquarium salt with water and pour it over the bugger?

    I'm at a loss here, I don't want it to spread to my fish, and I don't want these worms in the tank...

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