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Thread: low ph planted tank c02

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    Default low ph planted tank c02

    im useing yeast die c02 my ph has been low 6.4,trying to keep it level,and inexpensive,what would b my best choice and will the higher ph mess up my plant growth?i have 2 figer this site out i have 14 mixed africans
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    Ok- i think youre asking how to make your ph level higher? add some crushed coral substrate, or texas holeyrock or any limestoney type of rock (it will make your ph level higher) also you could add crushed coral to the bottom of your filter...
    i would NOT use chemicals that supposedly make ph levels higher.. i dont believe chemicals really "fix" the problem and are not natural or healthy for the fish-- and only stress them out.
    i have crushed coral as gravel in both of my cichlid tanks.. it shouldnt bother some of the plants ,but others will have to go.. some of the less hardy plants cannot handle high ph levels.. stick with anubias, java moss and fern and maybe amazon swords.. they seem to do well..
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    thanks for the info i will try crushed coral in my filter and repost ,hope none of my plants die luv them as much as my fish
    55g planted tank
    about 22 african cichlids
    maybe more

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    i did a 40% water chang 2day and put limestone in the filter my tap water is 8.2 my tanks now around 7.2 hopefully the limestone will over power the co2 and keep my ph level
    55g planted tank
    about 22 african cichlids
    maybe more

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    Be careful the ph swings can be harmful. It is best to raise ph slowly .2 a day is what I was told.

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    keeping my fingers crossed,and i have babies now
    i have babies - posted: 07-07-2007 at 07:21 PM
    well i did a 40% water change 2day bcuz my ph was 6.4,i use co2 for my plants and that keeps it low,my tap water is about 8.2 so i added that and added limestone in my filters i was just takeing pics of my fish and out the corner of my eye i c a litle 1,and then another and another about 4 i seen so far there clear and about 1/4 inch long and theres my blue fish who is about 2 1/2 inch layeing on its side so im guessing thats the mom hopefully they wont get eaten but im sure they will,im excited im going look now ill post back
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    55g planted tank
    about 22 african cichlids
    maybe more

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    Honestly, even with the low PH, if they are having babies. DO NOT MESS WITH THEM

    stability is more important than numbers. and anything tank raised is prob fine in the lower PH Simply leave it alone.
    and as opposed to crushed coral (SHARP and pointy) I would recomend any other calcium baced product. such as
    Calcium arginate
    other than in the filter I would prob not recomend crushed coarl. although many to get away with it.

    Still IMHO if they are breeding in 6.4 leave them be.

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    kinda late now but thanks for the info
    55g planted tank
    about 22 african cichlids
    maybe more

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