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    Default jaguar cichlid

    how could i tell the differcnce between the male or female of a jaguar cichlid
    here is my fish and i have been told its a female

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    Very nice fish. How big is it? It seems like a male to me! Heres what i believe is my female

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    oh lol its around 5 inches

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    Lil Shant, yours looks like a male to me. Infamous, yours looks female. For the record, I'm not a cichlid sexing expert though so this is only opinion. Both are nice looking fish.

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    I would have to agree w/Balton. Infamous' Jag has the very apparent large spotting along the lateral line with a more drab base below the spots while lil's has a much more random spotted appearance. Not sure if that is 100% but I am looking at mine right now and that is how they appear.
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