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Thread: Is it worth it to use a RO system?

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    Default Is it worth it to use a RO system?

    I live in Florida where the water is high in ph and very hard. I currently have two tanks, one is a 110 gal and the other is a 75 gal. I have Angels in the 110 gal tank and African's in the 75 gal. All fish seem to be doing fine-though no breeding is going on which is fine with me. I am setting up two other tanks, a 375 gal for Africans and a 350 gal for an Angel-community tank. Would you go to a RO system if you were me and why?

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    No need for the RO system for your africans. If you dont care about breeding angels them dont worry about it. RO systems can get expensive.

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    I was going to use an RO for my africans, but all the stuff they remove is what the fish I didn't bother. If you were going to do a tropical planted then RO would be usefull, as for Marine set up's as well.

    If you are really wanting to do something I would just do a dechlorinator into a large container.
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