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Thread: 1 Bajillion snails and counting!

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    Default 1 Bajillion snails and counting!

    Ok...Got more snails then the pacific coast in my 110G tanganiykan tank. At least 1,000 and the more the light is on the more they come out. Crazy ass tanganyicans kill the clown loaches too fast (within a couple days), even if I throw 2-3 of em in at 3-4". The cichlids are about the same size as the loaches I am throwing in.

    I tried redoing the setup when I drop em in..
    Tried doing it without doing the setup...

    Is there another option other then breaking the tank down?

    I have had snails before no prob...but not like this. I forgot the name of em and too lazy to look em up, think they are brackfish or something like that...the typical small spiral cone peices of ****.

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    try one to two pennies in a filter. Wash the pennies in a little dish soap first and rinse very well.
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    Ahh..yes thanks.

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    Very interesting Glaive. What exactly does that do? ....or is it for good luck. lol

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    I am not aware of that trick either.. Is Glaive offering his two cents in more ways then one?
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    Is Glaive offering his two cents in more ways then one?
    Good one, lol

    I believe the copper in the pennies kills the snails, i hear of this trick all the time.

    I've used aquarium salt, lots of people just use loaches

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    copper in the pennies will kill inverts.... its really that simple
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    ATG and Rusty nailed it.

    I use copper wire around the base of my planter boxes to repel snails and slugs. Copper is a heavy metal that is toxic in high enough concentrations. Snails happen to be much more susceptible than your fish so the amount that would be shed by the two pennies will kill off the snails and leave the fish unaffected.
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    it is very effective I have used it on one of my tanks
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    all those empty tanks(11).....what shall I do?

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