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Thread: Holding Tropheus???

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    Question Holding Tropheus???

    I have a group of 16 Tropheus moorii Moliro and I think 2 of them are holding but I can't tell. I have had plenty of experience breeding other cichlids, but these Tropheus are proving to be real hard. I have had them for 6-8 months, they are 3-4 inches, and in a 75g. Any other information about breeding Tropheus would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.
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    Tropheus can be a little tricky to tell when they are holding sometimes. Once you have them hold for a while, you will get much better at recognizing what to look for.

    The first sign of breeding activity will be the male dancing around and shaking for the females.

    Secondly you may see her "vent" drop down in preparation of the spawning.....white tube sticking out from her bottom (close to where the poo poo comes out)

    If you have been feeding your fish regularly and see a fish with a "caved in" belly swimming with the rest, you should focus in on that fish as it is likely a female that has just spawned. Her cheeks will not bulge, but a slight bulge may be seen towards the back of her throat, underneath.....just compare that area of her to the other "fat" fish in the group.

    She may lose the clutch and not carry to term.....but if she holds long enough, eventually it will become way more obvious that she is holding.

    Be patient.....make sure you are changing water regularly and feeding the right stuff (mine breed fine eating only Spirulina flake)

    Good Luck

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    very impressive bit of info

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