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Thread: How long do cichlids live?

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    Default How long do cichlids live?

    Hello all,

    I just had my 4 year old convict die. He stopped eating, looked lathargic, and died within two days... No outward signs of illness and was great for 4 yrs. The other tankmates are fine?

    How old do these fish get.

    Thanks - Rob

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    Most of the larger ones can get to 10 years or older. That's about what I'd expect from a convict too. That's not an average age though, just an age that's achievable.
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    Hi rob, I'm not really too familiar with the average life span for convicts...

    But it is not uncommon for Cichlids to live 5-15+ years in captivity, depending on the species.

    As a general rule of thumb, the larger the species (genneraly) the longer the lifespan. However there are plenty of exceptions to this "rule"...
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