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Thread: How Long to Mature?

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    Default How Long to Mature?

    I've not used sponge filters much in the past.

    How long does it take for a brand new one to mature if I start it in a fully cycled aquarium?

    When starting new tanks, I like to have an already cycled filter on hand to cut cycling time, but a sponge was all I could afford at the moment.

    That should do it for a 15g maternity/quarantine/hospital/first grow out tank. Shouldn't it?
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    Should take about two weeks.

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    The sponge is great for the hospital tank. They actually work very well in all circumstances (though they are not the best at mechanical filtration, but that's just aesthetics). You won't find many professional breeders without them.

    Just make sure to sterilize it after use in the hospital tank and before going back to the main tank.

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