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    Alright, I recently obtained a very beautiful,exceptionally bright Peacock bass.He is currently about 6 in. long compared to the 3 in. he was about a month ago. I have him in a 37 gallon right now, and please don't respond telling me he needs a bigger tank, as soon as he gets about 10 in. I'm moving him to a 200. This is the first peacock that I have owned, and he is an EXTREMELY odd one.

    Since I'm new to the whole peacock game, does anyone have any advice for me? And I may obtain a female soon(for free, I'm friends with an ex-vet from the baltimore zoo, he owns a petshop) and I was wondering how valuable the babies would be. I've been told people pay big money for these guys.

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    i would move him into a larger tank before 10 inches and until then frequent water changes as they can be sensitive to poor water conditions
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    Go for around 10 bucks each on aquabid for small ones.
    If it has gills I am interested in it...
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    if the babies turn out red 10 to 20 bucks for them a aquabid each.anything bigger than 3 inches. i would go over 50.
    Its good Canadian weather.....the snows coming straight down, or slightly to the side.

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