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    I have found a 180 to purchase. The only problem is that the stand is really low. It is a cabinet style stand with very short legs. I bet the entire stand is not 2 feet high. Is there any way to safely raise the stand up to 3 or 4 feet?

    Cynder blocks?
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    It would be best to build your own stand. The big question is..."what kind of flooring you have"? I had a structural engineer friend of mine freek out when I told him I was putting a 90 gallon in upstairs.

    Make sure they are rated blocks, but if the stand itself will hold up it should work fine, just so you make sure you put them around the entire base. 8 pounds per gallon!

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    As jnorris points out, I'd be more concerned about the weight limits on your flooring than about the stand supporting the weight. Some floors are simply not designed for a 1000+ pound concentrated load. Then again, if it is near a structural wall or on a first floor, you won't have any problems.

    Many people look at the weight of a fish tank and get frightened by the large numbers. The thought seems to be - "well, that's too heavy for me and a friend to lift, so it must be [i:1cfdba000a]really[/i:1cfdba000a] heavy!" But bear in mind (I think I've pointed this out in a dozen different posts! ) that a single dirt-cheap 2x4 will hold well over 1000 lbs in compression, and around a third of that in tension. A cinder block in vastly stronger than this in compression - the blocks wouldn't be the problem - you need to be concerned about bending in whatever you set on them.


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    Rudy, my 125 stand is 29" total height is 53"1/2" at that height I still need a stool to vac. the bottom. How tall is the tank?
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