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Thread: where to buy lava rock????

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    Default where to buy lava rock????

    I have searched home depot and only found a bag near the grilling section. Some people say they buy large lava rocks at HD and chip them smaller. I have searched the web hi & low for any stone dealers that advertise they sell lava roks and didnt find anything. Can someone help me?? Does anyone know of a cheap place in Connecticut to buy large 6"-8" size lava rocks???
    Please help... I hate my tank set up and need to redo!!!
    Thank you

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    Try landscaping supply store or garden and pond supply store.
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    My LFS sells it but it's expensive. I haven't found it anywhere else.
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    Originally posted by jhunbj
    Try landscaping supply store or garden and pond supply store.
    That's where I find it. Look in the phone book under "landscaping" or "landscape supply". Sometimes you'll see it at places that sell bricks too.
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    Thanks everyone for the info. I went to a garden place today and they do carry it just not until April. They have the large stones too. So I will wait until April to do the tank over.

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    hey where did u go in CT that said they would have it in april? I live in CT and can't find any landscape places that carry lava or limestone rock

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    Dankster -
    Vinnies garden center in Wallingford. The guy told me they carry large rocks (bowling ball size) maybe larger. He said they should be getting them in around early March. I called today and the lady confirmed but she said they "look like lava rock and are actually crushed brick.

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