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    Here is my question- Sunburst peacocks are these a hybrid variety? Can't find any reference any where to them, have searched quite a bit, and read everything, just can't seem to come up with anything.

    I rescued these little ones who aren't really that little anymore, the one is quite vibrant almost neon orange with brighter orange highlights on fins and the other is almost peach with orange highlits on fins. They are both quite attractive, even got hubby's attention to a different fish tank other than the big tanks.

    If they are a hybird thats alright, they look good in a tank, just not something I care to breed if that is the case. But if there is a scientific name that would be wonderful.

    Any help would be appreciated thank you Feather
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    They are Aulonocara SP. but I believe they are a hybrid of an albino strain. They might be line-bred, but in either case they are not natural.
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