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Thread: best lighting for cichlids

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    Default best lighting for cichlids

    I would like to know what the best lighting for a 150 gallon tank with cichlids would be. Im just getting started in cichlids just need a little help please.

    John L.

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    I have preferance for the t-5's unfortunatly coralife makes them, and as such you are going to pay. but not toooo much.

    big Al's sells a 4 foot 2x liniar t-5 for 100$ even
    may I add in a pretty housing

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    Really, for most cichlids, it's just going to be what you prefer. I would actually caution against lighting the tank too brightly as it can cause excessive algae growth...some Tanganyikan species (like Paracyprichis sp.) tend to "wash out" under bright lighting as go with what you think "looks good"....
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    Depends on preference and the look your trying to achive. Here is how i feel about it...

    I find that lighter blue and "cool" white lights to human eyes are best for enhancing color and features in a tank, many of these are marketed toward salt water and often labeld atenic(expensive) or plant growth(affordable).

    I also find that many viewers dont like the regular florescent light you find in many tank sets or hood sets tend to be either pink in tint known as "warm" white light it can detract from the color of the tank and accessories and make white appear light pink with an overall pink hue to all thats inside or...

    Green in tint and make it look greener or more algae enhanced look to it, which is good for tanks that are heavily planted or lots of wood that leach brown in the water, and for US native species tank because it looks more lake like to the viewer.

    All of these can be used on africans.
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    I completely agree with Seedy's advise. I personally prefer a low level of light with cheap flourescent (Aquarium/plant specific) lights from the hardware store. My favorite is the "Sylvania Gro-Lux Aquarium Standard" lights. To me, those compact flourescent lights, and expensive light bulbs from the LFS don't look nearly as good. So like Seedy said, go with what you thinks looks good, just don't assume that the more money you spend the better it will look.


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