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Thread: Best Lighting For African Cichlids?

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    Default Best Lighting For African Cichlids?

    i bought a new hood (perfect-a-lite), unfortunately the bulb is making my fish look all washed up. what kind of lights do you guys use to enhance their color??

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    A good 8000K 50/50 works really well!
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    sorry for being so naive but what is 50/50 (oh shame..) i used to use incandescent bulbs & just mix the blue, with the clear & the white & gave me good results but ended up heating the top of the tanks way too much. i want my cichlids to show off their color while maintaining health. thanks!

    people told me get marine acnitic blue lights, but wouldn't that just create a moonlight effect?

    i got a ge one that's kind of purple in color, but i want one that shows off their intense color cos' they're just some beautiful fish! hehe

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    A 50/50 bulb is half white light/half blue. Basically, its the same thing you used to do only its in one bulb. Actually, the Acnitic blue light will create a deep water effect. I think the 50 50 make africans show off their best colors.

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    now to let the rage fly

    I have heard that the blue, shows off, blues, and iridecents. but washes out the other colors.
    I picked a "colormax" and .. I still withold judgement. I will get a blue sometime, maybe when one of mine goes. or maybe just curiosity. I like the color max right now, I think. better than just white anyway
    it was also recomended to used less then 50% (2 full spec. and a 50% long act. so as to not wash out too much color, but still have the blue.

    or I am just talking out of my @ss it happends now and then.
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    i decided to go with a power-glo after going to a bunch of lfs that i'm regular at, it shows off the blues of the kenyiis & socolofi & the other spectrums show the red & orange of the zebras! thanks guys.

    any more suggestions would be recommended, since i just spent a bunch of money buying different lamos hehehe.

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