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Thread: firemouth sexs (male/female)

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    Default firemouth sexs (male/female)

    i purchased 2 firemouths but they both look the same, have red on their stomach, pretty small each, and have alot of colors, whats the difference between male and females

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    Look for a splotch in the dorsal fin (female).

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    Originally posted by chc
    Look for a splotch in the dorsal fin (female).
    I don't believe that T. meeki can be sexed that way. In fact, I've never seen a pic of a firemouth with the black dorsal blotch. The only Thorichthys species that I know for sure can be sexed in that way are the 3 mixteco species. T. helleri males and females can have the dorsal blotch according to Rusty Wessel, and according to Jeff Rapps the dorsal blotch is not always accurate with T. aureum nor T. maculipinnis.

    IME, the shape and extensions of the dorsal/anal fins are the only way to sex a firemouth and this can be difficult at smaller sizes.

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    Hi, i hope this helps. The best way for me to sex them is to look at the head. The males is more straight and the females is a bit more rounder. The male will be lighter, and grow bigger.<br>


    The firs pic shows the heads. The second pic. shows the finage on the male. I had a piece of wood in the tank and that is why the water looks brown. I think the firemouths liked it like that. But i didn't so I took the wood out.
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