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Thread: Shiver and Quirk Behavior

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    Unhappy Shiver and Quirk Behavior

    I set up my chiclid tank about a month ago. I have three Kenyi (2Blue/1Yellow) and a Rusty. The yellow Kenyi quickly became the dominant fish in my tank. He swam very smoothly and chased the others around.

    Just recently the yellow Kenyi has lost his appetite and developed a head shiver/quirk problem. The guy at the fish shop suggested I feed them live brine shrimp to induce appetite (which worked). However, the yellow guy still doesn't seem 100%. He has lost his dominant behavior and still quirks.

    I also noticed the other fish starting this weird shiver/quirk behavior as well. What the hell is wrong with these fish? This can't be normal, can it?

    No physical fin rot or white scaling is present - seems to be a behavioral issue. Maybe an intestinal parasite? Any advice?

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    What are your water parameters? How long has the tank been running? Are all the fish doing this? Are any NOT doing this?

    Just out of curiosity does he shiver/quirk in the presence of other fish?

    Cichlids use a Shimmey Shimmey Shake "vibration" to attract mates OR challenge another fish....If your new to cichlids this can seem like an epilectic fit or something...
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    Default Shimmy Shake

    I've got a 55g tank with just those 4 fish plus an algae eater. The ph is normal and I also added lake salt at the time of set up (month ago). Yesterday, I did a partial water change yesterday.

    The yellow Kenyi does the "shimy shake" in the presence of other fish and when he's hanging out in the corner by himself. He doesn't look physically sick but, this action makes me feel as if he might just turn belly up any minute now.

    They loved the brine shrimp and ate them all last night but I haven't tried to feed them the regular food again. The shimy is my biggest worry at the present time.

    Like I said before, not only does the yellow shimmy but, he also lost his dominance presence in the tank. Maybe this is the female Kenyi and it's some weird mating ritual?

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    If it looks like he's being electrocuted, he is either displaying domanance or trying to attract females. My Demasoni does it eventhough there are no other fish.

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    Maybe there is a small crack in my heater and they actually all being slowly electrocuted - ha ha ha - I actually checked that - no crack.

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    What is your ammonia, nitrite and nitrate?

    Just to be safe, even though is sounds displayish.
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    Originally posted by cracklingice
    If it looks like he's being electrocuted...
    one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish...omigod!! a whole lotta fish!!(mbuna tank)

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    yellow ones the female
    blue is male
    mine had fry (saved one for a while)
    rita came and i lost the blue one (it was much larger than the yellow)

    my yellow is very funny!
    picks on a front. 3 times her size
    takes shrimp bits from my fingers
    nibbles my finger

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