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Thread: More rocks? (pics)

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    Default More rocks? (pics)

    Hi well I'm nearly ready to fill my tank with fish

    I'ts only going to be stocked with yellow labs and different types of plecos.... size of tank is 175 gallons

    Do you think I should add more rockwork to my setup? if I keep around 20 labs for a few months will they swim in the open?

    Please feel free to comment on my tank setup any advice regarding rock work will be highly appreciated

    Thanks in advance
    alberto My tank

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    It should be just fine while the yellow labs are juveniles. When they get larger they'll do better with more rocks and larger rocks for larger hiding places.

    Here is my 180 gallon Tank:
    Rocks everywhere.


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    With mbuna, if you have to ask the question about having enough rocks, you don't have enough rocks.

    I think that you have the right idea, tho with the seperate stacks of rocks for territories. that's always what i try to do. just make them HUGE.

    You've got a great sized tank and a great start! Keep us posted!

    and kevin... your dream tank and mine. so jealous.
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    I agree more rocks for mbuna. But what a tank, simple is better i think. It would suit Haps down to the bone.
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    That's a massive tank, and it looks great! With mbuna, it's hard to have too many rocks, however I do believe that yours is sufficient for now, I echo the advise of the others by saying that you could add more.

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    Thanks for the input!!!

    What about the labs, will I be able to see them if I add more rock? or will they pass all time hiding?

    I do not have anything covering the aquarium (lights are HQI and are suspended from the ceiling) will I lose many labs because of jumping?

    alberto My tank

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    IS that granite? Cool rocks
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    The rockwork will add to the labs' security, and they will feel more comfortable about being out and about. They may hide for a time, but soon will become acustomed to the open space. Losing cichlids to jumping is always a possibility when no top cover is present.

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    Originally posted by Alberto Villarroya
    will I be able to see them if I add more rock? or will they pass all time hiding?
    Mbuna that are comfortable in their surroundings will spend lots of time out swimming around. In a way, if they know they have a place to hide, then they are more comfortable not hiding. (Or so speculates, Kevin. My fish have yet to actually communicate with me.)

    If little kids are constantly tapping on the glass or people are constantly walking by the tank in a well lit room, then they may spend lots of time hiding.


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    Originally posted by MNCichlid
    IS that granite? Cool rocks
    Yes it is, I like it alot, I've found a place full of them with many different shapes, and IMO it's easy for algae to cover it

    Thanks for the rock advises, just another question, I know I'm asking alot sorry for it, but I intend to have around 10 - 12 pleco's ancistrus, are yellow labs mean with them? I've heard yellow labs are quiete "peaceful"

    alberto My tank

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    Nice look with the granite, I like it a lot.
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    Great looking tank!! I love the rocks...definately add more.
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    i don't think that the labs will be too hard on your plecos, though it would be better if they could be added before the labs get too big, and decide that they don't want newbies.
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    My yellow lab juvies spend most of their time swimming in and around the rock work in my tank (I have A LOT of rock).
    Overall my labs are pretty calm and seem to play well together with everyone but the red zebras. But then again, the Red Zebras chase everyone!


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    Your gonna need plants for when they mature......Most plants artificial plants dont look that pretty, but as long as ur fish are happy then thats all that matters

    Great rock formations!
    Really beautiful tank!!

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