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Thread: rubin red peacock

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    Default rubin red peacock

    does any 1 no what these look like wen they ar young and also how long it takes them to colour up
    Grundle all the way

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    They probaly look similar to females in juvenile form dark brown with vertical barring.
    Here's a pic of an adult:
    Later, Boilermaker

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    i jsut bought one this mornin'. hes my latest addition to the tank very peacful, fishy. but my ******* of a flaim tail has been chasing it around the whole, messed up sme of his fins

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    re-arrange the tank decor, but you already probably new that.


    Matt, and Congrats on the new addition
    Row well and live.

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    nah, tryed that before. the flaim tails just an ass he started attacking eeryong in my tank in the last 2 weeks. hes been going loco! he was already responsible for 2 deaths, and i wasnt aboutt o let him kill my peacock, and my lawanda. so i gave him back to the azn store lady. she da coolest, she gave me full credit for him. i got a second frontosa for him, and still had some change left over as store credit

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