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Thread: help my parrot is turning white

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    Angry help my parrot is turning white

    my blood red parrot is turning white.?
    tank size is: 77gal (u.k)

    tank mates are:
    3 yellow labs
    1 cyrtocara moorii
    1 front
    3 zebras
    2 jewels

    parameters are:
    ph 8.2
    nitrite 5.0ppm
    nitrate 30ppm
    ammonia 0.25

    i did a 10gal water change yesterday & added aquasalts.

    he is eating & being his boisterous self just getting paler by the day.
    any ideas any one ? plz.

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    Looks like your tank is still cycling. What is your filteration for the tank? Your ammonia and Nitrie levels should be 0.0. Is it the only fish that has this problem?

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    external fluval 204 680lph
    internal fluval 4+ 1000lph
    yes the parrot is the only one with the prob.?
    tank has been setup for only 2 weeks now in an emergency had to put fish in cuz they had no where to go

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    Ya your tank is still cycling. Im guessing the parrot is being effected by "new tank syndome". Try some of this. It worked great for me.

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    i have just got some bactozym made by tetra.
    it says that it speeds up filter development & helps prevent new tank syndrome.
    so hope it works.will my parrot be ok or not.?

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    Just keep an eye on the Ammonia, Nitrite and nitrate levels. Sounds like you got the right stuff.

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    could be that the dye is fading...the color of the blood red parrot is not natural.
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