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Thread: why do fish rub agaist rocks?

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    Default why do fish rub agaist rocks?

    Why do fish rub against rocks? Does this indicate some sort of health issue?
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    ich, perhaps velvet? treat with either melfix, AND pimafix, with a tempreature raise to 30degrees centegrade with the addition of NO IODISED cooking salt (1 teaspoon per gallon). OR promethasol with the removal of all carbon materials in both cases and the addition of salts, tempreature works for most deseases 99% of times for me.

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    is the rubbing constant?

    the behavior is called flashing. if they're doing it very frequently, it is indicative of sone of the problems that agez mentioned.

    HOWEVER - if they're african rift lake cichlids and they're doing it once in a while, well, it's what they do. males do it as a dominance display. some Victorian cichlid males actually kinda lie down on their sides and do a little dance when they're breeding. also, again, if it's infrequent, you ever had an itch on your back and rubbed against a chair or something? sometimes, it's just an "itch" or irritation.

    the things that agez described will be accompanied by other symptoms. when ich causes flashing, it's usually accompanied by white spots on the fish. granted, sometimes africans in particular do not display that particular symptom. in velvet, there will be this yelloish garbage on the fins and around the gills.

    in most cases of disease, you'll see fish behaving like they're sick. clamped fins, loss of appetite, periods of rapid breathing followed by lethargic behavior and panic swimming (darting about aimlessly in jerky fashion).

    If you see symptoms of sickness like those accompanying the flashing, then you have something to worry about. if you see otherwise healthy fish flashing every once in a while, then you have healthy fish doing what they do.
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    ok so can you define "frequently"?
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    Umm....more than just a few times a day (constantly) or to the point that the fish is actually scratching its' body...
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